Ashley Fires – Ruined Orgasms

Well Ashley fires is a fucking hot blonde bitch, and a mean bitch! Here are 3 different ruined orgasm videos featuring Ashley fire – She cock teases you, sucks and tugs you off and leaves you with blue balls by not properly finishing the job and letting you cum yourself.

This first video is called flatmate ruins your orgasm – Ashley is your sexy flatmate and you want her so bad. She gives you a handjob, but then when you cum she keeps on tugging which is so intense you can’t stand it. She blackmails you while she is tugging you off getting herself some free rent.


Video link – Ashley Fires ruined orgasm #1

Next up, Ashley fires knows you have been spying on her and watching her get dressed. She comes over to your house to give you a verbal beatdown, but instead decides to give you a ruined orgasm and some serious blue balls. How this will help the situation i don’t know, you only going to want her even more now.


Video link – Ashley Fires ruined orgasm #2

This Ashley Fires ruined orgasm video has alot of hot stripping and tease and denial, ashley really gives you blue balls hard by teasing you with her hot naked body and giving you a good hand job but not finishing the job properly.


Video link – Ashley Fires ruined orgasm #3

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